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About Ethereal Revelations

Ethereal Revelations is a moving depiction of how Lizelle discovered another side to sex: a spiritual side.

As she went through many pivotal events with uncontrolled emotions from the pain during the aftermath of an infidelity incident, she thought was intentionally perpetrated on her near the end of her pregnancy, resulting in a near-death encounter that shifted her soul; she was left paralyzed to resist encountering ethereal revelations. Not knowing what was happening, she started seeing the invisible–that sex is not just a physical act. It impacts our souls, links them and alters them; Lizelle realized when she discovered her own soul’s status.

Volume I is only the onset of many enlightening supernatural revelations of manifestations sex brings about in the other dimension; ongoing and advancing toward the ultimate supernatural encounter: seeing all in the spiritual. Unable to replicate all heavenly encounters in only one book, succeeding revelations are contained in forthcoming volumes.

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ER – Volume I

ER Vol 1 Ethereal Revelations – Volume I: Access to Another Dimension is the start of revelations of the unseen world that spontaneously appeared. Volume I describes, in detailed format, the events that caused the ability to see new spiritual phenomena, which is called “the spiritual manifestations of sex,” even though the author didn’t know what was taking place.

These memoirs and in particular Volume I, chronicle the events in the best possible way to depict the detail of everything in the beyond as each started appearing. It also includes the phrase “sex is not love” and “love is not sex,” taught to the author decades ago as part of sex ethics.



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