Ethereal Revelations

Ethereal Revelations Chronicles is a detailed depiction by Lizelle DuPlessis of everything in the spiritual realm, not just the small part called heaven, that starts with the spiritual manifestations of sex. Having no control over the ongoing appearances of the manifestations of sex, Lizelle thought that was all they were until she started seeing the spiritual realm and everything was revealed about spiritual existence and how it operates, even where our souls come from.

Ethereal Revelations – Volume I: Access to Another Dimension kicks off this journey with the traumatizing event, resulting in seeing some of the spiritual manifestations of sex while becoming aware of having a spiritual encounter in the midst of a trauma. As post-traumatic stress sets in, Lizelle becomes aware of her soul’s new location, which is significant in seeing unique spiritual occurrences.

Ethereal Revelations – Volume II: Miscellaneous Paraphernalia of Healing Methodologies continues this journey as Lizelle frantically searches for ways to heal her emotional pain and the broken situation she found her in.

Ethereal Revelations – Volume III: