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Lizelle Du Plessis is an Independent Research Professional; Life- and Social Skills Coach. Highly qualified in many divergent occupational fields, Lizelle Du Plessis is also a mother of three. She is a humanitarian, who passionately loves working with people, and is devoted to helping people develop and improve their personalities, social and sociable skills. To achieve results, she uses many different mediums and of her own self developed expertise. Lizelle had countless ethereal encounters in the form of ethereal revelations over many years due to the awkward position her soul ended up in, brought on by life-altering circumstances. In an attempt to document these unusual paranormal encounters for others and to share them with people able to notice the value her material holds, form the reason and foundation of becoming an author. Since the countless ethereal revelations, being a spiritual teacher and coach has become a part of her life-journey. Reliable in nature, Lizelle mainly writes for the mature, spiritually advanced, non-judgmental, unprejudiced, open-minded, willing to advance-and-grow-further reader, who patiently journeys through her chronological encounters with her, to be generously rewarded in the end with brand new insights about the entire spiritual realm and heaven.

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